Workshops | Biotherapy Glasgow - Bio-Energy Healing
Bio-Energy Healing is a highly effective complementary therapy that moves the body into a higher state of health by clearing and balancing the human energy field.
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Biotherapy Glasgow offers a variety of fun, interactive workshops designed to clear your energy and raise your vibration through working with powerful energetic activations, release work and interactive meditations. In a workshop, we come together as a group to clear subconscious limiting belief patterns and to play with different ways of feeling, sensing and directing energy. This is a fun way to develop your sensitivity and your awareness of your own energy so that you can maintain and enhance it more effectively in your own time.

The workshop activities support you in learning through your own experience and give you tools and techniques to clear your energy and fine tune your frequency for yourself. All energetic activations in the workshops are recorded so that you can listen to them for a deeper energy clearing at a later time. The workshops share an accumulation of techniques that Sarah has found most effective throughout her experience as an energy therapist and her own personal journey.