Bio-Energy Healing Treatments | Biotherapy Glasgow - Bio-Energy Healing
Bio-Energy Healing is a highly effective complementary therapy that moves the body into a higher state of health by clearing and balancing the human energy field.
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Bio-Energy Healing Treatments

Bio-Energy Healing treatments last about 60 minutes where the practitioner will perform a series of movements in the space around you to cleanse and balance your energy field. Treatments are gentle, non-invasive and highly effective.

Where possible, for part of the session you will be asked to stand for a short period so the practitioner can work around you – this gives the opportunity for the deepest cleansing of your energy system and chakras. After this point you will be invited to sit as the practitioner continues to work in your energy field. Treatments are often experienced as deeply relaxing and many clients doze off.

There is a tendency to experience a healing curve over a series of sessions before moving into a higher state of health, therefore the minimum recommended course of treatment of 4 sessions. Every individuals healing journey is completely unique and sometimes more are required.

Distance Bio-Energy Healing Treatments

Bio-Energy Healing is also highly effective when performed at distance. Distance healing sessions are carried out at an agreed time where you will relax in a comfortable position while the healing is sent to you. Sessions last 30 minutes.