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Bi-Aura Bio-Energy Healing Testimonials
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Client 1 – Multiple Sclerosis

“I found the bio-energy experience extremely beneficial. During the sessions I was deeply relaxed and experienced visualization rather like a meditation. The most memorable thing for me was one of weights lifting off me. I felt my whole being revitalized and a lot of my pain from tension (that often felt permanent), has gone. I have also experienced far less numbness than usual. I feel a positivity and lack of worry that I did not expect. This has very much lasted and is possibly even growing! This lack of stress is invaluable to me as it is a major factor in increasing my MS symptoms and causing relapses.”

Client 2 – Back Pain

“The sessions with Sarah have brought about very positive changes in my life. I was experiencing pain in the upper left side of my back that had been there for several years and I had a consistent feeling of resentment that linked into childhood wounds. Over the course of sessions I experienced a great improvement in both these areas. The pain in my back has faded and only reappears as an occasional reminder that I need to move when I have been sitting at the computer for too long, and the sessions have allowed me to gain deeper clarity into my feelings of resentment. Sarah is extremely patient and intuitive in honing in on the root of the problem. Her calm, composed manner was extremely soothing.”

Client 3 – Psoriasis

“I’ve found bio-energy a positive experience. During the session I experienced sensations of cold draughts on my skin followed by surges of heat and tingling, particularly in my fingers. It has definitely helped my psoriasis in terms of reducing scaling and making the skin flatter and it has made it easier to manage (less cracked skin and bleeding). I’d say the biggest difference has been to my skin and the treatment made me feel very relaxed with a general sense of well-being.”

Client 4 – Chronic Fatigue

“I have found Bio-Energy Healing to be of great value. The sessions were very gentle and non-invasive and I was surprised when they had such a positive impact on my general well-being. After I gave my body time to have a rest after the sessions I had a strong boost in my energy levels and felt more mentally alert. Sarah is an excellent caring practitioner and has a profound understanding of energetic work. I would recommend her sessions to anyone who wishes to enjoy a fuller, more aware and relaxed way of being.”

Client 5 – Emotional Trauma

“When we did our first session together I was in a dark place – I was hurt, angry and confused. Each session helped clear these feelings away. I now feel much more resolved. Sarah was able to tune into me and remove blockages which left me free, more resolved and at peace after each session.”

Client 6 – Stress & Anxiety

“Throughout the sessions I found myself concentrating on my breathing like I have never done before. I noticed that over the course our sessions I started to use my breathing to cope with any uncomfortable life situations that would normally put me in a panic. I genuinely didn’t expect to physically feel the benefit from something that hardly involved any physical contact but I was surprised when my eyes were closed that I could feel exactly where Sarah’s hands were concentrating on. Sarah’s calming approach made me feel at ease from the very start.”

Client 7 – Plantar Faciitis & Lethargy

“The main benefit I have noticed is such a heightened sense of well-being. I felt this after the first session and it strengthened as the sessions went on. I also felt more energised and more able to focus on work. Usually I find January and February grim months but this year I have really felt more energy and a lovely sense of well-being. Sarah’s instructions were very clear and she made me feel at ease.”

Client 8 – Low Motivation

“I enjoyed going for Bio-Energy. A shift I noticed was more openness for a while. After the last session things in life just started to flow to me again eg. work, and I started to get on with stuff I had been procrastinating about. Also, I danced for the first time in a long, long time (it was like waking up out of some kind of mundane trance).”