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Bio-Energy Healing is a highly effective complementary therapy that moves the body into a higher state of health by clearing and balancing the human energy field.
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Terms & Conditions


Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice and missed appointments will be charged in full.

Late Arrivals

Appointments that start late due to late arrival will still end at the expected time. The appointment will still be charged at the full rate.


Payment is accepted in cash or cheque.

Medical Disclaimer

Although Bio-Energy Healing is a highly effective complementary therapy that can help to alleviate many conditions it is not a replacement conventional medical treatment or supplements.


The Bio-Energy therapist does not diagnose illness,  advise about any medical condition or prescribe any medical treatment. It is recommended that you attend your physician for any symptoms or ailment you might have.


Always consult your doctor before adjusting any medication or course of treatment.

Testimonial Disclaimer

Testimonials displayed on this site are real life client experiences and have been received directly from the customer. Testimonials are presented word for word and some may have been shortened to display the most relevant information for the customer.


These testimonials do not reflect the views or opinions of Bio-Therapy Glasgow and they do not necessarily represent the views of all customers who use our services. Bio-therapy Glasgow does not imply any specific health or other benefits from these reviews.