Domancic Method | Biotherapy Glasgow - Bio-Energy Healing
Bio-Energy Healing is a highly effective complementary therapy that moves the body into a higher state of health by clearing and balancing the human energy field.
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Domancic Method

The Domancic Method of Bio-Energy Healing is simple and direct. It has specific treatments for over 200 physical and psychological ailments and it can be particularly effective for when pain is acute or when conditions have been longstanding. Treatment is carried out over 4 consecutive days in brief 15-20 minute slots and can be given on a one-to-one basis, in groups or over distance. In group treatments patients get the added benefit of being in a high energy environment while others receive treatment. Payment is by donation dependent on financial circumstances and how beneficial clients find the treatment.

Sarah has completed courses I & II for the Domancic Method with the Bio-Therapy Society of the Zdenko Domancic Method and is currently practising as a student of the method. To book and appointment or to register your interest in a group treatment please contact us. For more information on the Domancic method please see: