Bio-Energy Healing | Biotherapy Glasgow - Bio-Energy Healing
Bio-Energy Healing is a highly effective complementary therapy that moves the body into a higher state of health by clearing and balancing the human energy field.
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Bio-Energy is the INTELLIGENT life sustaining force of the universe that flows through every thing, body and object. This has also be referred to as Qi, Chi or Prana by other disciplines. We exchange this energy constantly with our environment through our bio-field, also known as the aura or human energy field. The information we receive though our bio-field is necessary for our cells and organs to function in a healthy manner.


Bio-Energy Healing gently removes any areas of stress from your body by clearing and balancing your energy field and chakra system. The practitioner performs a set of specialised movements within the space around you to bring your entire energy system into balance. This increases the flow of life force energy within the body and gives your body’s natural healing intelligence an opportunity to function at maximum capacity. Treatments are gentle, highly effective and involve very little touch.


Sensations of heat, cold, tingling or a feeling of the body becoming lighter are often experienced throughout a treatment, however every individuals experience is completely unique.